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Husband, dad, son, brother, editor, photographer... and a struggling golfer.


Hey I'm Scott Madrigal, and thank you so much for visiting my website! I’m excited that you are taking the time to check out my passion for photography and I hope that after a few minutes of looking through my galleries, you will want to be a part of it!


My world…

Since 2007, I have been married to my absolute soul mate, Nikki. She’s my world, my rock, and my best friend all wrapped into one adorable woman. Let alone the fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous, she has the heart of an angel and that is what I love most about her. (She also has makes a incredible tortilla soup!)

No one tells you that when you have children, everything you have come to love will take a complete backseat to opening the front door and hearing the yells of, “DADDY!!!!” as little feet descend the stairs. My two kids are God’s greatest gift to Nikki and me. They both are so much fun to watch as they grow up and learn about life. And they have an amazing sense of kindness and sincerity towards friends and family. Whether it’s dressing up in princess dresses and having tea parties, or building 30 foot-long tracks for Thomas to go “chugga-chugga-CHOO-CHOO” down, it’s always a new and exciting time in the house with these two.


My focus...

My love for looking through a viewfinder started when my grandfather gave me his RCA VHS camcorder. It was big, heavy, and only standard definition, but I was in love with taking video of everything that was around me. What I wouldn’t give to see some of those VHS cassettes again!

From that point on the bug had bit! I moved from taking video to stills. And from a point-and-shoot camera, to taking portraits and action shots with my DLSR.

Now I’m in next stage of my photographic journey, and it’s been the most rewarding one yet! I am in love with doing photography for others. I am open to shooting almost anything, but I especially love shooting portraits of couples and families, and even sports.

2015 has challenged my photographic skills in some remarkable ways! I have worked with families of both older and younger children to get that coveted Christmas card photo. I’ve been in the dugout capturing the emotions and drama of a ballgame on the line. And lastly I have worked with amazing couples taking engagement portraits as they get ready for their big day.


Now I’m in next stage of my photographic journey, and it’s been the most rewarding one yet!

What’s next…

Growing is a huge part of my life and one that I never want to be done with. I always want to learn and get better, and I hope that you will want to be a part of my growth. I welcome challenges and love working my way through situations that I’m not familiar with. Have a idea in mind for that specific photo that you want? I can’t wait to help you tackle it.


What about you?

So what about you? What are you looking for in a photograph? What moment do you want to make a memory out of that will last forever? Send me a quick note below telling me your idea and let’s get planning! Until then, enjoy your time here on my site and thank you so much for stopping by!